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Christian-PenPals started out as part of  Church USA Internet Ministries. James partnered with Beth and Jesse of the Pen Pal Connection Ministry, who have worked hard for many years doing the Lord’s work to spread the Gospel to those who are in prison.  We believe that more can be accomplished through the Internet to expand this worthy ministry.  We look forward to serving the Lord and winning souls using the Internet as a viable tool for the glory of God.


We are here to help prisoners, prisoners’ families, and chaplains.   Prisoners have many needs, the greatest need is to know someone cares about them, to know they are loved. Our ministry is therefore focused on proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, His forgiveness, and His great love for them.  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

We share the love of Jesus by providing a Christian pen pal for friendship and spiritual help to those who ask, and by networking with other sources of help for other needs common to prisoners. When prisoners come to know and follow Jesus, hearts are changed. The Holy Spirit gives them power to overcome sin and bondage, giving them a transformed life.

God is working and He has put CPP here to serve those who are incarcerated as Jesus compels us to do. We thank God for this privilege, and we do all for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.


Pen Pal Connection is an extension of a ten year “mom and pops” ministry of corresponding. We have witnessed God’s working in the lives of prisoners through a one on one correspondence with a caring friend on the outside. Some inmates have no one; have never known real love. However, most of the inmates who contact us were raised Christian but rebelled and turned away. Friends and family often have given up on them and drifted away. God has them in a good place for His touch of mercy, drawing them to repentance. The men and women in prison are often searching their souls and looking for answers. This gives us opportunity to share Christ, knowing all answers are found in Him.

Our beloved and true son in the faith, Christopher, first had this vision of reaching more souls within the prisons last year, 1998. Eight years ago, from his cell he cried out for God’s help and God answered his prayer through Jesse and me. Others are crying out today, Chris hears their pleas and wants to help them. He knows what a blessing and help it is to have someone in the prisoner’s life who cares about them. With this help and support, many inmates will find new lives with hope and use their God given abilities to be productive members of society when they are released.


The Resource Directory was brought about in the same way as Pen Pal Connection in the Spring of 1998. Over the years of corresponding with those on the inside, we have collected some good and beneficial resources of organizations, groups, and ministries that offer services or materials to those incarcerated. However, many inmates are not aware of these helps so there was a need to compile them and make a directory available to prisoners throughout the USA. I solicited help from the prisoners we know and with their help, I compiled a list of of over 150 resources in many categories including; advocacy, HIV/Aids, legal aide, spiritual growth, and family support. Later, I added more that I learned about from the Internet. We plan to keep this directory updated yearly so it will be current.

We began distributing the directory by snail-mail to the chaplains in the prisons, as far as our funds would allow. This is how we heard from prisoners asking for pen pals; we are listed in the directory. We now have the resource directory available on the Internet and hope it has wide distribution to the prisoners. We believe it is a valuable tool and will help in our goal to change lives for Christ. Please consider helping us, by copying and distribution. By clicking on the directory button below, you will come to the full color edition. There is a link there for a basic black and white edition, as well. We ask only that it not be altered in anyway, or be sold to prisoners, as we want it to reflect Godly counsel and its’ purpose. We thank all in advance who take up this task, however large or small the distribution. God Bless You!

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