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CPP News:

Happy New year 2020! We are entering 2020 with hearts of gratitude to God and to you all who make this outreach to the incarcerated possible. God is working and we believe great things will be manifested in 2020 as our Father answers the prayers.

CPP Chat is slowly building up and we are enjoying sweet fellowship and mutual encouragement chatting with like-minded Christian brothers and sisters. We are looking for hosts so more times for chat can be scheduled in 2020. Contact Beth is you are interested: cppministry@Gmail.com

Book Released: The end of 2019 “Visit Prison in an Envelope” was compiled and published. This book is a valuable tool to anyone interested in or currently corresponding with a person or persons in prison. You can see the preview at Amazon. It covers every issue and topic for effective ministry. We hope you will share it online and in your church; the awesome real stories of pen pals and inmates will be an inspiration to all who read it.


Book Reviews:

This book was written by Beth Michael concisely and considerately. It is thoughtful of the incarcerated and the Christian who is led to minister as a friend to the incarcerated. It gives specific and precise detail in every single stage of the pen pal relationship. Also, helpful is the illumination of the perspectives from both the inmate pen pal and the Christian pen pal. I strongly suggest this book as mandatory reading for those considering entering ministry-by-mail to the incarcerated within the prison systems. It is a fast read, but also a nice reference as you are building your ministry.
By: Nancy Celli, CPP pen pal

I found “Visit Prison in An Envelope” to be very helpful and I would recommend it for all volunteers new and the seasoned ones as well. It would be great as a basic training guide and a refresher or a reference source of some of the do’s and don’ts of writing to strangers. The Guide to Prisoner Pen pal Correspondence Ministry will help to minimize opportunities for conflict/harm and instructions for dealing with uncomfortable situations. It is great to have someone like Beth Michael, who has a heart of love and concern for both the inmates and the pen pal volunteers as well.
By an Amazon Customer










You could feel the awe
And wonder, you could sense
It in the air, the love gift in
The manger was for mankind everywhere.

And as that place received
Him in the stable on the hay,
He can now be born in us
Because of Christmas day.

They shall call his name Emmanuel,
God with us. Matthew 1:23 KJV

From Jesus Morales Jr. #1502743

Letter from Prisoners:
Karen, Jesse & Beth,
Rejoice! Jesus is born!!
Thank you so much for my Christmas card. You have no idea how much it means to me. It’s been so long since I’ve received a card and I’m excited on being eligible in finding a Christian pen pal. ?
Thank you and God bless. I can’t wait to hear back. Christopher in Texas

Happy New Year 12-31-19
Hope this finds “all of you” in the best of spirits & the greatest of health. For as myself I’m ok. I just received your card 12-30-19 & you don’t know how much you blessed me. All I could do was smile. I was so depressed, these holidays just had me down. I’ve been praying for someone to talk to. When your incarcerated you meet a bunch of people who are straight up fake. I started this time in late 1999 early 2000, 20 yrs under this number #1020210. I made parole March 10 2015, I walked in my mom & dad’s house, stayed out 807 days, violated & now I’m back with 2, 5 yr set off. I come back up April 2023. I discharge 10-10-2028. Anyway, thank you for the smile and the blessing of the Christmas Card you sent me. Please if possible, find me someone to write.
God bless all of you…..
Richard Alvis #1020210

Emails from Volunteers:
Thank you, Beth. I will absolutely write him today. I just want to tell you that the Lord is so good; one of my pen pals, he’s pretty funny, one day he wrote. “Michelle, I think you’re Jesus’ sidekick”. It just made me laugh so hard and they really want to know scripture so I do Bible studies with them and if it takes me all day to write a letter – it does, but there is nothing more rewarding then this and I thank God every day for trusting me enough to do His will with these people that are incarcerated. Michelle C.

Hi Beth,
Today, during our church service, the entire congregation prayed for several of the prisoners we had sent cards to that had replied with their prayer requests.
It was very moving. Our pastor then held a sermon about one of the verses on of our recipients sent back. It was an open service and many of our members spoke of their experiences
where they had felt lonely and far from the Lord.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being at the head of this ministry. I want you to see this letter from one of our recipients:
The letter was also read out loud at church. (Letter from Dantres Lane)
The impact this project has had on our congregation has been outstanding and is a true testimony to Gods work in our lives.
Thank you. So much. Mackenzie

Letters from Prisoners:
Dear Pen Pal Connection Family (Bob, Diana, Kim Jesse & Beth) & everyone else!
I received the beautiful card & special message, thank you very much. You touched my heart & brought light to this at times dark place. You all are a blessing. You give Christian inmates hope. I hope your Christmas was meaningful & that you were surrounded by loved ones. I have email now by the way, Jpay.com to register, then add my name. J
“No matter how long the night, dawn will surely come. “
Matt 18:12-14
Luke 2:10-11
Isa 9:6
Heb. 13:8

He came not to a throne,
But to a manger.
He lived not as a King,
But as a servant.
He chose NOT a Kingdom,
But a cross.
He gave NOT just a little,
But everything.
—–Holley Gerth


Happy Birthday CPP Ministry!!

Please rejoice with us to celebrate God’s grace & faithfulness to establish this fruitful outreach ministry and to bring us this far! It is hard to believe it’s been 20 years!! We know it’s only possible through y’alls prayers and devotion to our Lord who put the same earnest care into your hearts for the prisoners, the least of these whom Jesus loves.
“The branch of the vine does not worry, and toil, and rush here to seek for sunshine, and there to find rain. No; it rests in union and communion.” – Hudson Taylor
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: If you have some time to spare, and/or some stamps, please pray about serving on the CPP staff. We are currently in need 1 additional Administrative Support helper and a helper to do resource searches for a few inmates who are planning their reentry & aftercare.
Contact Beth for more information & opportunities: cppministry@gmail.com
PEN PALS NEEDED: For special needs inmates struggling with depression, addictions, homosexuals, physical disabilities or mental illnesses, and need Biblical guidance and Christ’s wisdom & strength. Also some in a false religion are asking for a Christian pen pal – Muslim or other.

Good Advice: “Never yield to gloomy anticipation. Place your hope and confidence in God. He has no record of failure.” Mrs. Charles E. Cowman
Christian Library International (CLI) Spiritual Growth Resource.
Resource Bible Lessons: https://cli.world/volunteering/inmate-bible-study-lessons/

Victorious Living Magazine
Victorious Living encourages hearts and equips minds through testimonies of God’s grace and love in the lives of everyday people. https://www.kojministries.org/prison-ministry
Writing Ministry to Inmates Event “Shine Bright & Write”
FREE Bible: I found Bible Truth Publishers online, and to request a Bible for an inmate(s) you just contact them at the e-mail address below with the complete mailing address for the inmate(s): BTPmail@bibletruthpublishers.com
From Jackie S.

There are Christians throughout America and the world who love Jesus and would serve but many don’t know about CPP Ministry opportunity to serve Jesus behind prison walls.
Please pray with us asking God for ways we can each share this outreach to the least of these are brethren incarcerated. Most who contact us are already Christians or seeking to know the Lord. The enemy is pulling them in the opposite direction. It is the children of God that makes the huge difference to help them turn from their old ways to follow Jesus.
Think about all the grace and mercy our Father has extended to you out of His great love; God loves these inmates just as much as He loves you and me! Amen?
We want your IDEAS!
Media, church, publications, anywhere that Christians can be found to hear and be moved of God’s Spirit calling them to get information or to visit the web site and join with us.
It’s Resurrection Sunday, lives need resurrection!!

Safely Back Home – Read John 14:1-7
Jesus said to [Thomas], “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”
-John 14:6 (NRSV)
WHEN I began my morning walk around the lake, I noticed that the fog was unusually heavy. I could hardly see 10 feet in front of me. When the weather is clear, I can see buildings and homes and the sparkling waters of the lake. None of this was visible on this morning.
When I arrived on the opposite side of the lake, I looked out into the fog toward my home across the water. I could not see it, but I still knew it was there. I also knew that if I followed the walking path, I would arrive safely back home.
In our Christian walk, sometimes the hurts, fears, and frustrations of life are like that heavy fog. We cannot see our way clearly. But if we follow the path our Lord has laid out for us, we will arrive safely at our destination, a destination that brings healing and peace and joy.
And at the end of this life’s walk, we are assured that Christ has prepared an eternal home for us where we will see him face to face. The fog will be lifted forever.
Woody A. Adams (North Carolina, U.S.A.)
O God, we thank you that in Jesus Christ we discover “the way, the truth, and the life.” Amen.
Thought for the day
Following the path God lays out will always lead us home.
Prayer Focus
Those searching for “the way home”


Forgiveness Undeserved

I don’t deserve forgiveness and
I don’t deserve His love.
I don’t deserve His blessings that
He showers from above.

My greatest deeds have missed His mark.
My works were just my will.
My life appears so very dark.
Guilt haunts me even still.

Except for Jesus on the cross,
except for loving grace,
except forgiveness undeserved –
a hope? No, not a trace.

by louis gander © 2017



We witness God’s power, love, mercy, and faithfulness are displayed through CPP Ministry nearly every day. Most often through the letters we receive from the prisoners or the e-mails we receive from the CPP volunteers. It would not be possible without the many of you who followed Jesus into the prisons. Jesse & I always thank God for you and keep you in prayer, asking our Father’s best blessings upon you; may He give us all the staying power to finish the race.

A big Thank You all the Volunteer CPP Staff, pen pals, all our supporters, prayer partners, and friends on Facebook and CPP Chat Room. Together God is working great things behind the prison walls!!
Please submit any ideas for promoting CPP. Also if you have inmate art, poems, or other to Beth at cppministry@gmail.com
May you and your family have a blessed Easter!!!

In Christ’s love,
Jesse & Beth,

Jesse & Beth Michael, Executive Directors
Christian Pen Pals / Pen Pal Connection
cppministry@gmail.com www.christian-penpals.com
Member of International Network of Prison Ministries