Your Cry Has Been Heard


“Your Cry Has Been Heard” has a message the world needs to hear, a message of hope from people who have been lost, experienced deep pain, who have been in the bottom of the pit and have found the way out to let us know that no matter who we are, no one is beyond God’s reach. It is a unique book filled with wisdom and love, a book that will impact its readers – and with enough readers, will have a positive impact on society as a whole to make this world a better place for all of us to live in.

In the fifty-plus years I have walked with God, I have seen times change. The world is no longer a place where even children and youth can feel safe and secure. Abuse increases, crime is in the news daily, horror stories I can’t fathom. God’s Word predicts this – evil will increase in the end times.

Review by Beth Michael

I don’t get easily touched by writes except for the likes of Ted Dekker. “Your Cry Has Been Heard” is everything I imagined and much more. With its insight, candor, personal tragedies, and trimphs, this book will mesmerize the reader and go a long way in redeeming many hearts to the throne of grcae. God’s signature is clearly with this Ministry; it shall come to pass that this book will be published successfully and our goal to touch as many hearts as possible will succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

Review by Lawan Baldwin.

When asked, “Would you buy this book?”

Yes, certainly, and I would try to get it into our schools, libraries, and colleges. This book will touch your heart and open your eyes!

Review by Rev. Skip Wigmore

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