Legal Litigation Help

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

1501 Cherry St, Philadelphia PA 19102.  215-241-7000.  Quaker organization promotes peace to overcome violence and injustice.

Center for Constitutional Rights

666 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York NY  10012.  212-614-6464.  Uses law to helps protect civil and human rights.

The Citebook, Starlite Inc

PO Box 20004, St. Petersburg FL 33742.  727-392-2929.  Citebook is a manual (about $95) designed for the layperson to help themselves research their litigation.

Columbia Human Rights Law Review

435 West 116th Street, New York NY 10027.  212-854-1601.  “Jailhouse Lawyers Manual” is free on website.  Printed copy is $30 for prisoners and 3-month wait.

Government Publishing Office

PO Box 979050, St. Louis MO 63197.  202-512-1800.  “Federal Rules of Evidence” $7, “Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure” $11, and others at or          Free at

Innocence Project

40 Worth St. Suite 701, New York NY 10013.  212-364-5340.  DNA testing and prison reform.  Ask for information in your state.

Legal Aid Society Prisoner’s Rights Project

199 Water St, New York NY 10038.  212-577-3300.  Social justice and legal resources – NY.  Search on the internet for a legal aid society in your state, county or city.

Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)

4400 Market St, Oakland CA 94608.  415-255-7036.  Parents manual and other free resources to prisoners.

National Center for Reason and Justice

PO Box 191101, Roxbury MA 02119.  Supports people who are falsely accused or convicted of crimes against children.  NO pro bono legal help but may direct you to others who can help.

National Lawyers Guild Prison Law Project

PO Box 1266, New York NY 10009-8941.  212-679-5100 ext. 3.  A national membership organization for legal workers and lawyers; includes jailhouse lawyers.  We are not a law office and cannot provide legal advice.  Please do not send us documents.   Download free Jailhouse Lawyer’s Handbook from

Native American Rights Fund

1506 Broadway, Boulder CO  80302.  303-447-8760.  Native American rights and legal resources.

Office of Journal Administration

Georgetown Law Journal, PO Box 382, Congers NY 10920.  202-662-9457.  Request form for inmate discount..  Then, fill-out form with $25 which includes shipping & handling for “Annual Review of Criminal Procedure” excellent soft cover journal subscription.

The Prisoner’s Guide to Survival

PSI Publishing Inc, 413-B 19th Street #168, Lynden WA 98264.  700+ pages soft cover is about $60 for prisoners.

Prison Legal News (PLN)

PO Box 1151, Lake Worth Beach FL 33460.  561-360-2523.  Reports are available and free email newsletters on court decisions affecting prisoners.  Subscriptions begin at about $20.  “Prisoners Self Help Litigation Manual” 900+-page paperback is about $68.

“Writing for Lawyers” by Hollis T. Hurd. 

Excellent and useful 170-page paperback about $25 from

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