Letters from Inmates


Thank God for nice, kind and caring people such as yourself. I am very pleased to receive your letter and to read about the good news that you have found me a pen pal. You mentioned that my pen pal will be writing from another country, to be honest with you, I’m so lonely that it wouldn’t matter if I receive correspondence from the moon. (smile) I was just happy to know someone cares enough to write, but it would have never been possible without your help. So please let me take the time to say, Jesse & Beth, thanks a million for all your help. I am a believer that God answers prayers one day at a time.

“God looks down from heaven, searching among all mankind to see if there is a single one who does right and seeks God.” (Psalms 53:2)

God bless you

Hi and how are you both? My hopes are kind of up and down at this time because I have not heard from the pen pal you said I would. I received your letter and have been excitedly, yet patiently awaiting to hear from them but no letter has come. I feel it is my fault, but I haven’t done or said anything yet to be feeling this way, yet I do. I understand that the pen pals are not for romantic relationships and your rules are not hard to follow. So if the pen pal you found still wishes to write, please tell them to please do so. I wouldn’t hold it against them in no way!

In Christ I remain,


Truly, I’m praying that you’re having a blessed day as you receive this letter. As for myself, I am strong, blessed, and encouraged. I want to take this moment to thank you for your assistance in finding me a very nice pen pal. I received your letter and theirs the same day, therefore I received a double blessing that day! Again, I say thank you, and I’ll bring this letter to a close so that I can respond to my new pen pal. You have been a blessing and I thank God for people like yourself who allow God to use them in a positive way. May your new year be a blessed one, and pray for me as I pray for you.

Thank you very much for contacting me and letting me know that you found a friend that would like to correspond with me. God works in mysterious ways. He heard my prayers and through you they have been answered. I am looking forward to communicating with a friend to have fellowship with. I attend church every Sunday and I do Bible study here inside the prison and outside the prison. I want so much to stay on the path of righteousness. You have brought hope into my life and may God bless you. For I would not let you down. Again thank you very much and God bless you.


Hello! My name is Glynda and I am 37 years old, I have 4 kids, and I was married for 10 years but am now divorced. I have no family or friends, but one, Jesus Christ. I know He keeps me safe always; I’m thankful to be locked up really. It’s the “what am I going to do when I get out” that was the big question for me. It really bothered me. But God spoke to me recently, He explained to me that He is in control of everything, especially the things I can not see. I can’t see the future, but God does, and I know He will supply my every need.
I hope I receive a reply soon.


In His Name,

I want to express my utmost appreciation and say that I Thank You so Much for your thoughtfulness and Kindness in sending me such uplifting material. Just the care and concern you show me by taking the time, trouble and expense to send it to me, a prisoner here in N.C. that you don’t even know, has given me a much needed lifting of my spirits as well as some great things to think on, meditate on and Pray on, as I am about to begin my second year of solitary confinement. I’m a struggling Christian Debbie, in that I am still in a constant struggle with satan as he tries to prevent me from becoming the type of person that God wants me to be.



I am presently incarcerated in a jail in Virginia awaiting transfer to the state penitentiary to serve a 3 year 9 month sentence. Praise the Lord for putting me here! One thing about being locked up is that it gives you plenty of time to reflect and to develop a deeper relationship with God. I compare myself to Jonah and this is the belly of the whale. I was disobedient and not recognizing God’s will but relishing in my own wants and desires.


Robert in VA

Jesse & Beth, Hello, how are you doing again? I know I don’t have a pen pal yet, ( I’m still waiting :-)), but I just had to write back to thank you for the beautiful birthday card that was really unexpected. It made me extremely joyful to know that someone you don’t even know could really care! That gave me a big example of how great God’s love is!! 🙂 WOW! I want that kind of love! But I thank you for the gift J & B. May you both be truly blessed for your thoughts.


Your friend,





Greetings again
I met Jesus as I was sitting in a jail cell 11-18-75. I was facing 5- 5-life sentences, plus some federal time. I lost everything I had including my six children. A young beautiful girl came to my cell and told me about her friend Jesus and I could see her love for Him in her eyes and knew I wanted that same joy. Anyway, when I was in prison, I wrote a poem for a prison magazine and they published my address too and so that is how I got started and figure God has a reason for all things. The real blessing came when even though I was facing all that time I was only given 5 years and was out in 20 months, then to top that miracle I have since had all my rights restored. So prison can be a blessing too. I’ll keep in touch, thank you,



You’re doing an awesome job. I’ve got 6-7 guys (I’ve lost track!) and couldn’t be happier with any of them. They are wonderful guys and either I’m really fortunate or you’re doing the right thing. I vote for the latter! Excellent job, please continue in this endeavor.



Just sitting down to write letters out to James and Charles Brown so I thought I would let you know that they have also answered back. These people are so happy just to receive some mail. It warms my heart to know that this has brought them joy but it also breaks my heart to think of so many who are so lonely with nothing to read and no one to love them. Of course you guys feel the same way but I am just vocal. Oh, some bad news. Troy told me that a person on death row took his life last week. I shared Troy’s artwork and part of his last letter at Wednesday’s prayer meeting and there were many touched hearts. Prayers were offered for those in prison during prayer time. I just love this ministry so much!
God bless you and Jesse.

In Him,



Hello, received your email and we’re glad that we can be a part of your ministry…We know from years of corresponding with inmates what a rewarding experience this is. Some of the sweetest Christians are behind bars and they are often an encouragement to us. Yes I know what you mean about con games, but they are pretty easy to spot and we have learned when to say no. We look forward to partnering with you and sharing God’s love with others.

Love in Christ,

Del & Cort


Well, the correspondence between myself and the pen pals is going great. Charles, Aaron and Pebbles (her nickname) and myself write each other weekly. It’s wonderful. I’ve heard from John, however, he is relocating and will be able to write on a more regular basis once he is settled. Raul is also a blessing. I praise God for what He is doing in their lives. ….I know how much (through Charles, Aaron, Pebbles and Raul) it means to them to receive mail often and consistently.

Thanks and be blessed.

 In Christ, Landa


Pen pals provide a service greater than you will ever know to the hearts of inmates. It’s almost their salvation when prison starts to drive them insane. God Bless the ones who write to them!!



Jesus is the center of my life and he spoke to me yesterday to find you guys, and here I am! I am so excited about my new adventure. Because it serves God’s purpose! He molded and fashioned me for just this ministry! I know in my heart there is that special someone that God wants me to minister to. He has already picked that person and they are just waiting for me to get started. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Glad to meet you all, focus on Gods love for all of us!! And I look forward to a rewarding and fulfilling relationship within this ministry.


This pen pal ministry is such a blessing.

I write to 35 inmates regularly and I have never been treated or addressed with such respect as these men and boys have shown to me. I let them know that I am planning on posting their artwork, poems, and other writings on our website and offer this avenue to them in my introduction letter. One of my letters today included 10 poems that had been sitting in a locker for over a year and no avenue to share the work; excellent work! I just wanted to let all of you know how thankful I am for your faithfulness to continue with your correspondence and somehow, hope and pray the Lord will send more laborers to this field!


Have a great weekend!



I should share with you the wonderful way that the Lord has shown His love during this vacation. I have had the honor of visiting with my pen pal James, an inmate that you put me in contact with just over two years ago and witness the wonderful work the Lord has done in his life. Hence why I am here in Washington State I have been able to spend Saturday and Sunday with him, 8 hours each day and am able to return to Washington State Penitentiary tomorrow for one final visit of 10 1/2 hours. Finally, I was really hoping to visit Aldridge, a gentleman that I have been writing for almost three years, thanks to you, and he is going through a really hard time with trying to get a court date for a new trial, which has been granted but no date as of yet, a real test of his faith and patience, but I guess it was not in the Lord’s time as I missed the visiting day by one. Even though I know that it is the Lord’s will that I missed it, it still is heartbreaking as I truly feel that he needed this visit, to reinforce his faith in not only the Lord but mankind. He has not had a visit in over 10 years but he understands I pray! God Bless!





Wait until I tell you what God is doing in the life of Stuart J.!!!!!!!


Long before I wrote to this inmate, God had already been working .. But, now, Stuart is teaching a Bible Study in the facility he is in.  A chaplain came to observe his teaching one Sunday and …..  asked him if he could teach 2 more classes… Sunday School classes there… He now is teaching 3 Sunday School Classes there.

The Bible College he completed his training through has OFFERED HIM A TEACHING POSITION WHEN HE IS OUT FROM THE PRISON FACILITY THERE. !!!!!!! Wahoo! Praise God with me!!!!!

One female guard is being affected by his teaching. She is coming to his cell to hear more Scripture and teaching as well as on Sundays..  Pray that Satan will not use this female to trip Stuart up. I will write to him immediately to warn him to be careful!!!!!

Hassan .. he is another pen pal I am writing to…. He is reading his brains out….. I have sent him major books by awesome Bible teachers and .. all that hatred for guards, etc. is slowly beginning to seep out and empty.
My last letter to him was totally Spirit filled and I am sure .. confident…. I am going to get a letter back from him telling me he surrendered his life to Christ! This Hassan has by his own decision placed himself in confinement…. to keep away from the guards etc. ….. and out of population. But things are changing!

This is totally an awesome ministry….. I feel so humbled…. because I do nothing except write to these 2 men and share Christ with them. God is doing a mighty work there…. I am the push on God’s hand and He is moving…. Oh my! Is this our God or what??? Rejoice with me….

 Bye And God bless you all…



  God is doing such wonderful things in the life of one of my best friends, and consequently in the prison where he is that I just have to share it with you!

I met William in 2003 after I had received his name from you to send him a Christmas card. He came to know the Lord because he was bored one day and asked his cell mate if he had something to read.  The cell mate handed him a Bible.  William started reading it and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Since then, he had been through some frightful trials, but I won’t go into that, I’ll just start with the good part that is happening right now.

The Lord has blessed him abundantly and used him to start a Bible study group in his maximum security prison. It has grown, increased even with guards attending at times! William began encouraging the men to sing, very reluctantly at first, but after a time the guards had to ask them to “tone it down”!  Well, they don’t have to tone it down now because out of that Bible study has come a choir and they will be putting on a Christmas concert!  It has grown & grown until outside guests are invited to come to it; the local TV station will be covering it and making a VCR tape for each inmate to give to his family.  Since we are William’s “family”, we will get his copy!

We have never even seen a picture of him so this is so exciting for us!  A church donated choir robes to the prison so they will be wearing those, William said they are really beautiful so they will not only sound like a choir, but look like one! Just think of the witness that this is to the inmates, and to the community! To God be the praise, honor, and glory! He is truly doing great things!


In Jesus’ love, Sandy



I found a link to your site at a Christian message board I frequent. I am so thankful there are ministries like yours out there. Thank God. I cried when I read the rose poem. You see I have a 20 yr. old in jail now, he just had a birthday there. He is a Christian who went a stray. God is working great things in his life, him and a few other Christians in his cell have a bible study each night, sometimes others join in. I write him each day, letters are so important to those on the inside. I recently started writing and visiting another Christian young man in his cell. I have spent time, crying, yelling, wailing. Could anyone know what it’s like. To be a mother, and love your child so very much, to want to hold him so bad, but only to have empty arms. I want my baby. But it’s going to be a while at least. We are still awaiting news of a plea in this one county. Thank God your ministry and others like it. Those men are people too, and are not to be forgotten. Thanks to all those who share the love of Jesus.



I just love this web-site because, whenever I start missing my brother I know that I can come here and find someone else who knows what I’m going through. You all give me strength, and encouragement.


Thanks and GOD BLESS


Bless you for responding. I’ll tell Tony to be patient. A Biker from New Jersey, He has spent most of his adult life in prison – ten years in Jefferson City, Missouri before Angola. He was a piece of work, tough, combative, and cynical, when I met him eight years ago in the Kairos Prison Ministry. He’ll never get out and has no family to speak of. I have seen God touch him, lift him up, and make something new out of Tony. He has a servant’s heart and is a wonderful, tender Hospice volunteer. I can attest to the effectiveness of ministries such as yours. Self esteem is about zero in prison. Knowing that a Free Man (or woman) cares enough to write, with no strings attached, is a powerful statement that God cares. Bless you and your work.

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