October Newsletter 2021

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September 2021 Newsletter

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Greetings Beloved in Christ,

Happy Summer! If only it doesn’t go by so fast. After staying home last summer, I am ready to get out and enjoy life, enjoy being together, going to fun places.

Now we are ready to celebrate the 4th of July; the summer is in full swing!  I am thankful for the freedoms we have in this country, but the real and true freedom; the Independence we can celebrate daily is being in Christ. Jesus makes us free, no matter who we are or where we live. We get this testimony often from the prisoners who have come to Christ and been made free. They tell us they have never been so free. Truly a freedom to rejoice in every day!

We hope you and family are having a wonderful summer, enjoy!!!!



Please keep praying for Christopher; we’re asking for justice and pleading for truth. God’s grace and light upon him as a witness to God’s goodness and power to deliver in answer to prayer.

Chico in VA. God’s blessings, to be moved to a prison with programs and medical care. He was raised in foster homes, has mental issues, and has no one but Jesus, Jesse & me.

William is asking us to pray for the vote on the Prison Reform Act. I don’t know what that is, but I know there needs to be reform and change.

Reginald is asking for prayer, nearing his release and asking God’s will and guidance.

Volunteer Pen Pals:  

Peggy has issues from the Covid-19 virus, asking God’s healing hand of grace and strength and that she will recover soon.

 Pray with us for Nancy & John, he has medical needs, Nancy is looking to Jesus, trusting, & believing God for answered prayers.

   CPP Ministry:

We are seeking God’s direction, guidance going forward, His will to be accomplished His way.

KEEP PRAYING!!!!!!! Asking God to send more and more new volunteer pen pals and churches faithful to His work!

Please pray for the church groups and ministries who have been working with CPP to get the inmates matched with a Christian pen pal; the strength to endure trials, to equip and provide, and bless each one with a bountiful harvest. The church ministries are really working out great!

Pray God to send us someone to join Administrative Support staff. We need 1 or 2 new helpers.


From an Inmate:

Dear Jesse & Beth,

Praise God! Thank you guys for sending me the pen pal registration form. I was so surprised when I received you guy’s letter. This is truly the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in my eyes! Well, I’ve filled out the form. And I pray to the Lord God Almighty that He would use you guys to match me with someone who is rooted & grounded in Christ Jesus, our soon coming King!

Your Bro in Christ, Jeremias W.


 From a CPP Pen Pals: 

Dear Beth,

   Lots of good news. I have Steven in North Carolina and Mark in Michigan. Both are encouraged and also encourage me. They also remain on our prayer lists here at Grace Church in Clinton AR.

  I have room for 1 more. I enjoy the ministry through letters and believe it is a fabulous light for them too. So if you have anyone in great need, male or female. Just a soul who needs a faithful correspondent here I am send me. I write at least twice a month but more like 3 times a month. I also do Jpay email

  Please use my new email as this one is saturated with spam stuff so I have a better email address for you.


Megan Perry 

 Thanks for your ministry! Writing my pen pals has brought so much joy to my life. I was praying with one to receive a letter from his grown daughter, and he did and was so joyful. Then she sent another that didn’t follow prison guidelines, so it was returned, and he hasn’t heard from her since. His heart is broken all over again, but we are still praying for more letters from her!
Another pen pal, Frank, who is in a medical facility because of suicide attempts, has changed so much since his first letter. I can hear hope in his words. He hasn’t said he is a Christian, but I have explained the plan of salvation in a couple of letters. I sent him an easy to understand Bible, and believe God is working in him!
Angie J.

Just to let you know I am enjoying pen paling with the group of guys I have. Great fellowship we continue to have. If you have (4) more I could take 4 more. When convenient.

Thanks always in God,

Bob O.


 From an Inmate:

Dear Wonderful people at CPP!

My name is Adam and this last year I was saved by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior! After such a wonderous occasion, I started reaching out to ministries and churches to tell them all that one more soul has been saved.

Recently I wrote to the people at Our Daily Bread and asked them if they have anyone to write with for correspondence. They responded saying they will gladly send their booklets and told me that your organization existed. I was overjoyed!

(Adam is 27, and he is asking for a pen pal for himself and his 77 year of Christian cellie)


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:   If you have some time to spare, please pray about serving on the CPP staff.  We are currently in need of at least 1 additional Administrative Support helper.

We need a Webmaster who knows WordPress, let us know if you can do a kittle work at the CPP website.

Aftercare: There are inmates who will get out within 2 years asking for aftercare help. We need volunteers to work with a few, giving them local state resources. (We have lists + doing searches)

Contact Beth for more information & opportunities:



“YOUR CRY HAS BEEN HEARD” by Beth Michael can be ordered from  or by mail from: CBD, PO Box 7000, Peabody, MA  01961 ($15.29 + $3.99, Stock #WW93570X   or order from

VISIT PRISON IN AN ENVELOPE” by Beth Michael can be ordered from Amazon. (paperback or Kindle)


JAYPAY recommended by several CPP pen pals, costs about same as a stamp. You can send a message to an inmate. JPay eMessaging is the fastest way to send a letter to an inmate. Family and friends type their letters on Depending on the facility, inmates can respond in writing or electronically. This service is only available in select states. If you don’t see the eMessaging option once you log in, then your inmate is currently unable to receive eMessages.


Download from the web site, free to print and share



Inmate Artists: Prison Art Gallery, Safe Streets Arts Foundation, Box 58043, Washington, DC 20037-8043 We Help Create, Show and Sell Prison Art


FREE Bible: I found Bible Truth Publishers online, and to request a Bible for an inmate(s) you just contact them at the e-mail address below with the complete mailing address for the inmate(s):


Inmates preparing for release:

National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC)



Having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.”—1 Peter 1:23 (NKJV)

“No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God’s seed abides in him; and he cannot keep on sinning, because he has been born of God.”–1 John 3:9 (ESV)

When I was new in my faith this verse perplexed me greatly for even though I had definitely accepted Jesus as my Savior and loved the Bible I still could see many failures in my everyday life. Was I really born again? Let me share with you some really GOOD NEWS. The heart and core of sin is living apart from God (Isaiah 59:1-2; John 15:5; Romans 14:23). When we are born again by the Spirit of God all things become new and we are delivered from the self-centeredness which living apart from God always produces (2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 2:20). However, being born again doesn’t mean we’ll not stumble and fall and always be perfect (Ecclesiastes 7:20; 1 John 1:8). So let me quote 1 John 3:9 again with my comments in brackets and I invite you to ponder very prayerfully what I’m saying. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what this verse is teaching for it has enormous implications.

“No one born of God [by the Spirit of God] makes a practice of sinning [living apart from God], for God’s seed [the Word of God] abides in him [governs his life—is top priority]; and he cannot keep on sinning [living apart from fellowship with God], because he has been born of God [has received the divine seed—God’s Word].”–1 John 3:9 [My comments in brackets]

Tom Durst, CPP Volunteer pen pal

email:   Website:


Brothers & Sisters in Christ, don’t let the enemy discourage you or accuse you, He is a liar! Many of the inmates struggle with this, still allowing their past to have power over them. We can help them understand this Good News of God’s GRACE and new life in Christ.


Hey there Beth,

Both my wife and I had taken on 40 plus pen pals this past Christmas. It was our hope that we could bless other Christians with this ministry. It became clear that we would have our hands full with both pen pals and reluctance in Christians. However, we did find that our Sunday school superintendent was both interested and ready to help.

I asked her if she would get the kids to color for the inmates with the idea of being a “missionary from home” with the junior church. We received an enthusiastic “Yes”.

So I downloaded about 30 or so Christian coloring pages and handed them over to her.

The job was received well and enthusiastically by the children. They gave the coloring back to me completed with a number on them and a list of who did them.

We just sent them out to 18 inmates. The kids waited anxiously.

 When we got our first responses, I typed them out and one Sunday morning handed them to our Sunday school superintendent. She was overjoyed and read them in church before Sunday school. The kiddos were just bursting with joy at the responses.

Below are a couple of the inmates’ responses:

Ron from Washington writes:

“I want to thank you for the picture that was colored for me by one of the Sunday school kids. It really touched my heart that this little person wanted to do something for me, a complete stranger. My soul is tickled by it. What a precious act of kindness. May God bless your Sunday school children. Please tell them hi and thank them for the picture.”

Michael from  Georgia writes:

“…..I say that to say this. The colored picture you sent with your letter was the most thoughtful, most innocent, most precious thing you could have sent. I found myself overwhelmed with a range of emotions. I have tried unsuccessfully to my kid’s mother to send me some of my daughter’s school art or anything they have created since I came to prison. God bless you for what you did. It was nice and although the child is unknown to me I hung it up on my locker door. Thank him/her for their creativity, it means a lot.”

 Think of ways you can get your Church, Sunday School, or Youth Ministry involved.

A Story to Share & Inspire

Blessings to you. I guess I wanna share a little something with you as part of the burden that I have for people who are incarcerated. One day I was taking a client to a forensic psychologist appointment in Ypsilanti Michigan. And I had to wait out in the parking lot for about three hours. Across the street from the psychology business was a maximum-security prison for women. I believe it is the only all women’s maximum-security prison in our whole state of Michigan. I noticed the fence that was around the property. I noticed the guard stations. I noticed the pond with the ducks swimming inside of it. I I noticed the flowers that were growing in the grass. I started to weep because what I thought about was the countless women who were there in prison for who knows how long. Women who were somebody’s mom, grandma, sister, aunt, friend. All of these people Jesus love so much. I wanted so much to be able to give them hope. I sat there looking and praying and hoping for a way to be able to share hope with these people. My perspective forever changed that day when I saw that. I saw that the flowers didn’t just grow in a well-manicured lawn they also grew in a prison. So just because someone is incarcerated doesn’t mean that their life can’t bloom, and their life can’t change regardless of what they have done who they have been where they have been or how long their stay is. Jesus can reach anybody at any time and any place. We just must be willing to go to those places.






So dark

God’s love

A ray of light.


So far away

Give me the strength

To not lose sight

Of Paradise

Oh Lord, I pray

By Nate A. Lindell, WI Inmate 

Grace Is A Mender ~ By Deborah Ann

Grace is a mender,
of flaws running deep
it is a collector
of the tears we weep.

Grace is a healer,
of vessel’s broken
it is a free gift
God set into motion.

Grace is a liberator,
of evil and oppression
it is a deliver
of earthly transgression.

Grace is a giver,
of eternal redemption
it is a perfecter
of faith and salvation.

Grace is God’s mercy
pity and favor . . .
grace is God’s free gift
of Jesus our Savior!


We witness God’s power, love, mercy, and faithfulness displayed through CPP Ministry nearly every day. Most often through the letters we receive from the prisoners or the e-mails we receive from the CPP volunteers. It would not be possible without the many of you who followed Jesus into the prisons. Jesse & I always thank God for you and keep you in prayer, asking our Father’s best blessings upon you; may He give us all the grace & staying power to finish the race.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the Volunteer CPP Staff,  pen pals, all our supporters, prayer partners, and friends on Facebook. Together God is working great things behind the prison walls!!

 He drew a circle that shut me out— Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had a wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in.   Edwin Markham 

“Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” Philippians 2:2-3

Happy 4th of July!!!  Stay safe and have a wonderful CELEBRATION!!

In Christ’s love,

 Jesse & Beth,

Jesse & Beth Michael, Executive Directors
Christian Pen Pals / Pen Pal Connection   
Member of International Network of Prison Ministries  

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