Prisoner Poetry

 Some of the most beautiful words are spoken from those souls that have sufferend and known loss. Please read through the beautiful words these brothers and sisters in Christ have chosed to share with us. Click each tab to view a new poem.

My Eyes are Open

by Alan Walls  

Your splendor surrounds me, it’s everywhere,
Wherever I look Your glory is there.
It’s always been there waiting for me,
My eyes are open, now I can see.

You reveal Your majesty in the stars up above,
You express Your love in the form of a dove.
You make known Your Wisdom by the mysteries at sea,
With all its vastness it’s hard to conceive.

As the eagle takes flight with her wings wide open,
Catching the currents of wind from the words You have spoken.
The oceans, the mountains, the riiver, and the trees,
My eyes are open to the beauty of Thee.

Looking towards Heaven with my eyes open wide,
Beholding Your glory no words can describe.
No mind can fathom no heart can contain,
The abundance of power that’s held in Your name.

Even once blinded though I thought I could see,
Now my eyes are open, You have set me free.
To enjoy all the goodness you created in life,
My eyes are open to the Lord Jesus Christ.

How can it be
That others can’t see
God only knows.

With the dark pit
Our loved one will sit;
In God he grows.

A beautiful soul,
The years take a toll,
Yet true love flows.

One day at last
All darkness is past;
Grace God bestows.

How can it be
That others can;t see…
Trust God for He knows.

with love,
Mama & Pops


Poem & Art
by Stevie Johnson

Try to imagine a big “keyhole” in your mind,
being in a remote place while doing your time.

Now picture if you will the image of a lonely man
who stands in the center of this “keyhole” in mo man’s land.

It’s plain to see his agony by the trail of his tears
without a pen pal to correspond with to help him defeat the years.

If you look closely, the “keyhole” begins to strink
when you establish a link with someone on the outside who cares and shars.

So, before you dismiss me with a wave of your hand, think to yourself “Just who is this man?”

Will you give him a chance and show that your care…
or will you glect the opportunity to brighten his day and show him the way?

…That life can be fair and some kindness spared.

Be a Soul Winner

by Kenneth Cotton

Jesus came to seek and to save
The poor, lost sinner before the grave.
He can’t be seen, His face is hid,
It’s up to us to tell what He did.
And when we go with God’s Good News
His Spirit reveals the wonderful truths
Of Jesus’ death and the victory,
How He foiled Satan and set us free;
Free to live and laugh and love.
With showers and blessings from above.
And when we truly love men’s souls
We’ll set ourselves the Heavenly goals;
Like go and tell and a witness and preach.
And, Oh, the joy within your heart
When another soul is set apart.
So let Christ in you tell God’s plan
And rescue a sin-filled, hell-bound man.

The Wicked One

by Trey B. Birriel, #01A0383

I know who you are, can’t fool me no more
I won’t be who you want me to be
You want me to hate all those I adore
But you won’t get the best of me.

I won’t let you destroy my heart and mind
I answer to the One who made me
There’s nothing in you I could ever find
There’s nothing you have to persuade me.

I’m not afraid of anything you have to say
Or anything that you can do
Whatever it is you put in my way
My Lord will see me through.

You won’t bring me down with nothing at all
No fear, no pain will take me
You can try to trip me, I still won’t fall
Nothing you do will break me.

God gave me the strength to stand up to you
And be ready to fight and defeat you
So whatever to me you decide to do
With my hands behind me, I’ll beat you!

Quiet Time

by Old Man Walker

In a quiet time, while I am alone
As my mind seems to wander
About so many things

One is life, how my life is?
You know, how it turned out

As every kidn I too had dreams
To become this or that,

Quiet time, when I am alone
My mind starts to wander
Just really where I went wrong
Life… with my life
How I just let life pass me by

Quiet time, when I am alone
My life now, in this prison cell
I can smile and hold my head high

You see, now I have eternal life
Cause, Quiet time, while I was alone
I found the Lord

Sunshine & Rain

No life is useless, and no day is vain
For God has a purpose for sunshine and rain
All get discouraged and everyone cries
But we’re never alone beneath cloudy skies
All hearts can break, they’re fragile as glass
But God will mend them, and this too shall pass
Sometimes we succeed and some times we fail
So follow your dream
Because no one’s a loser who gives it their best  
And you can stand tall above all the rest
Those who are faithful are noble at heart
And no life is useless when God has a part
Be swift to give praises and slow to complain
Because God has a purpose for sunshine and rain


by Jennifer Olson
copyright 2004

The windows shattered
as the hot fire blazed
People were terrified
as the hot fire blazed
running in a haze
My friends sat beside me
to comfort my cries
Couldn’t understand
who would do this, and why

The sirens wailed loud
and all bright lights flashed
My inside crumbled
as if being smashed
My inside crumbled
The officers surrounded
taking my arm
They knew it was me
that caused all this harm

My best friend
became by bitter enemy
wanting my locked away,
never to be free
crying out for justice,
for this criminal to serve
The Judge gave a verdict,
one I deserved

My heart was imprisoned
long before my crime
I never stopped to think
until serving my time
Running from my problems
and the haunting from my past

Couldn’t find a drug
that was strong enough to last
Remembering every wrong,
determined to destroy
Claiming independence
but being Satan’s toy
Believing my delusions,
living in the lies
A miserable life
that couldn’t seem to die

No one had much hope
that I would change my ways
A slave to my addiction,
they had to lock away
The hours turned to days
and slowly turned to years

Today, behind these bars
I see my life so clear
My life’s been changed
by the power of God’s Love
A heart to heart visit
from my Father above

The moment I cried out,
He answered my cry
I said “Please let me live,
I don’t want to die”

He came into my life
and softened my hard heart
Reconstructing all
that sin had ripped apart
Now, I need no drug
to find my ecstasy
I am filled with great joy
to know I am free
I don’t need a gun
to prove I’m in control

I am a child of God,
the keeper of my soul
I don’t need my friends
to say I’m alright
I’m accepted by God
and that’s my delight
This gives me the strength
to change all my ways
Meeting face to face with God,
as I kelt down to pray

 Making Decisions

by J. W. Head, AZ Inmate

One simple yes,
instead of saying NO,
One moment of temptation
wiped out the world I used to know.

One foolish moment
changed forever my life,
Lost and gone forever,
my children and my wife.

One weakness to Satan,
the Father of all lies,
Has brought so much pain to my heart,
and tears to my eyes.

Why did I give in,
why did I dare?
No way to take back,
now there’s only pain,
I had everything to lose
and nothing to gain.

On my knees,
I beg to the Savior
that died for me,
Give me a chance some day,
to make it up to my family.

I’ve done so much wrong,
yet he’s willing to forgive,
He has paid the price for me,
so that I could live.

He gives me a peace,
without it, I would never survive,
Somehow n this darkness,
he has helped me come alive.

I owe it all to Jesus,
who loves me,
and hope to one day Lead
YOU and your family to him
and his eternal way.

I Finally Found You

by Kenneth Doster

After all these years,
I thought you never existed.
But now I can feel your smile
We usually passed each other,
Or I took a wrong turn
Lost in my thoughts like a child.

When I was alone,
sometimes I felt your presence
but my mind told me it wasn’t true.
I’ve read books about.
I’ve had dreams about you
but still, I never had a clue.

I’ve seen your work.
It left me in awe
Then I’d quickly dismiss it, as luck.
I never saw you coming.
I was so exposed
and afraid of your silent touch.

But, now you are here,
as close as my heartbeat
supporting all the good that I do.
At times I wish
that we had met sooner
but I’m happy that I finally found you.

God Bless Us All These Holy Days

God bless us all these holy days
as our hearts are filled with praise
We glorigy and bow to you
and pray that we can follow through

Your footsteps lead us on the path
which saves us from the devil’s wrath
Your campassion and your graciousness
will let us know that we are bless

We pray you guide us with your truth
Your Son, He was our living proof
As our hearts are filled with praise
God bless us all these holy days

It’s Just a Song 

by Timothy Goldsmith 

When I was in society,
I never got on my knees,
All I did was hang out
with the homies,

Because I really thought
they cared and loved me,
But things have suddenly changed,
Since I’ve been locked away from society,

man so all I do now is pray,
And this is what I say:
No one cares about me, but Jesus,
No one loves me, but Jesus,
And I thank you, Lod Jesus,
For being so true to me.

Now as I write this song,
I’m speaking from the hearst as I go on,
Even though I’m hurting inside,
I know Jesus will make things alright,
That’s why I keep my faith strong,
Because with Jesus I’ll never be alone,

So all I do now is pray
And this is what I say:
No one cares about me, but Jesus,
No one even loves me, but Jesus,
And I thank you, Lord Jesus,
For being so true to me.

No one
No one
No one
But Jesus, I said.

Let He Who Has Not Sinned

by Leonna Ramos

Those put in prison
for immoral acts
the red and the beige
the white and black

Soon learn their lessons
Repenting of sin
wanting their freedom
missing their kin

Now wanting to share
their abuses and pains
felt at the time
they were truly insane

God’s Grace is sufficient
when lost souls are weak
And these are His children
the poorest and meek

All sins have been covered
with the blood of the lamb
Fo God knows His sheep
and He understands

Why cast a stone
You’re a sinner,
now kneel
You should be helping
these fallen men heal



A dedicated group of people reaching prisoners with the love of Jesus