Testimonials – Bonnie

Testimony from a Mother

Christians need to learn to care about those who are incarcerated. After all, they are human also. I am disabled and have a 24 year old son whom is presently serving 1-2 years in a State Institute in Pennsylvania. He would be just about ready to get out, but the district attorney whom prosecuted him, has yet to do his job. My father and I went to the hearing for my son. For one, he had to have a public defender because of a lack of funds. I tried calling his public defender for a month before the hearing, to get him to go to talk to my son about the hearing. He never did. I even had a friend go there to the office to talk to the public defender and could not. The day of the hearing came, and the guard went over first to the public defender and told him that my son wanted to speak to him. He just ignored him and kept talking to the assistant district attorney about “her” new house and vacation. He did not even know any of the details about the case. I knew then, that there was going to be a problem. So my son decided to accept a plea bargain. He was going to go to boot camp in order to get out sooner to take care of his daughter and her mother. The judge ordered that the detainers that he had be taken care of immediately so that he could get off to boot camp. That was in Dec. of 1998.

As of today, it still isn’t done. I have tried to call the district attorney at least once a week since January and have yet to speak to him. I leave my name, message and phone number each time, and can’t seem to get a response. I have only called once when he was not busy right when I called, but it seemed that when the secretary told him who was calling, he all of a sudden got busy and couldn’t speak. I tried reminding him that he was suppose to take care of this matter and I would appreciate it if he could do so soon. I even tried appealing to him, letting him know that my health has gotten worse and I really need his help, but still have not gotten any help. I have finally had to resort to going to filing a complaint about him being he is an elected public official and I can’t go over his head.
For those whom are discouraged about their children or loved one in prison, I found that if you keep praying and keep the faith, that God will help them more then we can. Since all of this, my son has turned his life back over to the Lord. He said that he wouldn’t change anything that has happened because it has made him stronger, and has brought him back to God, and he can share that with others in prison. Even though we are miles apart, I can be at ease with the situation. So just keep praying for those incarcerated for them to turn their lives over to God and He will protect and guide them.

Now I have one thing a was hoping and praying that someone could help me with. I am looking for a pen pal place to put my son’s name and even other’s that don’t have family or anyone to support them emotionally. I only found sites that charge to put the names on them and with my disability and my husband just having surgery, I don’t have the funds for those. So if anyone knows of a place please let me know. Or if they would like to write to him I will leave his address at the end. If anyone has any idea how we can start up a site to put names and addresses of those whom need the support of others. I will be more then happy to help start a site. Thank you for your time. Take Care and God Bless. We can’t do it alone.

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