Testimonials – David

Rewarding Ministry

In 1985 I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Since 1996 I have been a member in an evangelical church and have volunteered my time and served in different capacities. I firmly believe that as a Christian we have three major responsibilities:

1. To live our lives in a godly fashion
2. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ
3. To encourage others in their walk with God.

At church I have been on the missionary committee for the past three years and have written to missionaries in order to encourage them. I have been especially blessed in writing to one missionary who is currently serving in Nigeria. For reasons unknown to me I had been thinking about those who are in prison and what I could do to serve God in this area. Christian Pen Pals prison outreach has provided me an opportunity to minister to those in prison.

It is amazing to me as to how well received my letters are and how quickly they write back to me. It is one of the few joys that these people are able to enjoy in prison. It is not an easy time for them and they need love and encouragement from God’s people. My pen pals range from some close to being released to death row. At first I was thinking that I was the one who was going to be a blessing in their life, but in truth, I have made some eternal friends. All of my current penpals have received Christ as Savior and have really taken to Bible study and have been a true source of fellowship to me. If we read Matthew 25:34-40 Jesus is calling us to minister to others who are in need. We in turn so need to respond to God’s call and this has been an avenue that has been available to me through Christian Pen Pals.

I would highly encourage anyone who believes that God is calling them to participate in this wonderful and rewarding ministry to respond with a full heart.

Because of Calvary,


A dedicated group of people reaching prisoners with the love of Jesus