Testimonials – Debbie

In Christ I Proudly Serve

I came to Christ, one dark Lonely night–all by myself, having 3 young children, husband deserted me, was getting ready to be thrown out of my step-father’s fathers house, No Money, God brought me to my knees–I knew He Was The Answer, but I couldn’t seem to find Him–I kept crying out to Him–Uncontrollable sobbing, on my knees most of that night with My Bible in my hands, Finally, I was led to read Matthew, I read, until I came to Matthew 6:28-32 and it was as if a warm blanket of Wonderous Happiness, Peace and Contentment came over me as the words Jumped off the pages–I Suddenly knew without a doubt that God was going to take care of everything–I felt so at Ease, so at Peace, and I Praised Him and Thanked over and over and I drifted off to a Wonderful nights sleep that I hadn’t had in a LONG time!!

The days that followed were unbelievable miracles that took place–I had a Yard sale to raise money for a place to live and food to eat for me and my children, until I could find a job. I Made over $3,000.00 at that yard sale–A Miracle in itself—- I had nothing worth that kind of money–It came from Our Heavenly Father, like Jesus took the childs lunch and mutiplied it to feed thousands, with left overs–2 weeks later I got a call from my attorney, who was persuing child support for me, his secretary told me there was a check waiting for me at his office–I asked what check–where did it come from–The Secretary said it seems that your ex-husband has paid $2,000.00 plus in back child support–My ex didn’t even have a job!!!Come to find out his Parents decided to pay it, Why, Because God softened their hearts–because thay didn’t like me–in fact couldn’t stand me, there could be no other way, that they would have paid that money, since my ex. had no job, the state could n! ot force him to pay–at least in the state of VA. back in the 80’s!! Everything fell into place– I was going to a Wonderful Little Church– I went before everyone and Proclaimed Jesus as my Savior and thats the Short Version of how I came To Christ– I Think its Unique, Awesome and Amazing, of what God did for me because of my Brokedness, bringing me to my knees, teaching me that I Can Not Do Anything Without Him and Showing me what HE could Do For Me Once I Put My Total Trust in Him–Yet I Never expected a thing–I just wanted His Love and Peace and His Fullfillment of that awful Void in My Heart and I knew and accepted, whatever would take place after that night of Brokedness, whether I still had no place to live or no food, I Trusted Him in Whatever Took Place, that whatever happened He Would Bring Me Through it–I didn’t Pray for Money or all the other needs–for I knew that He already Knew My Needs, and that He would Provide Whatever He saw fit!!! Another Experience happened to me, in which God Showed me how He Wanted me to Minister His! Word. For Many, Many Years, I kept Asking God—Where Are My Gifts??–I Can’t sing, I can’t Play a Musical Instrument-Among The Many OtherThings I Can’t Do-LORD, Tell Me What Can I Do??Because I Want To Make A Difference In People’s Lives!!One Day A Friend Of Mine Came Along And I Asked HerThat Very Same Question!!!She Said–Debbie, You Can’t See It Can You??I Said See What??You Have The Gift Of COMPASSION!!!I Laughed At Her!!!I Said So What–Thats Nothing!!!Then A Seris Of Events, Happened To Me, In Which I spent an Agonizing 12 Hours in Jail That Gave Me A Look at People In Prison!!!(And, Yes ,This Could Happen To You—Anybody—A Simple Mistake and Off You Go!!!!) And Then It Hit Me, Like a Soft Whisper Of a Beautiful Bird in my Ear!!!This Is What I Want You To Do, Said ‘The Holy Spirit’!!!!Minister To These People, They Are Lost , In Dispair,Forgotton, Never Been Loved Before—Tell Them That I Love Them–Help Them See Me and I’m Crying As I Tell You This, Because It WAS The Most AWESOME EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE, After getting Saved, of course!!!

Life Changing!!!

Then I Found Christian Pen Pals—That Is God Led Me There and I Have Changed Lives–You Would Not Believe The Lives that I have Changed From God Through Me!!!To See Someone That Is SO LOST—Searching, More Aware of their own Mistakes/Wrong Paths, Than We Are!!

Then, Through The Words, That God Inspires Me To Write, OH!!!The Most AWESOME CHANGE TAKES PLACE IN THEIR HEARTS!!! So Why wouldn’t you want to show someone whether it be a prisoner or someone else the Pathway to Jesus–Does it make a difference whether he/she is in jail or not?I Know It Doesn’t– I put It all In Jesus’ Hands, For I’m only His Vessel to start the seed, to help someone see the need, The Rest Is up to you To Open Your Eyes and Finally See!!!Some (Prisoners)Now Are Serving GOD THROUGH THEIR OWN MINISTRY(IN PRISON) THAT GOD, THROUGH ME, HELPED CREATE!!!!OH!!!The Wonderful Stories I Could Tell You!!!You Wouldn’t Believe Possible–Nor Would I, If I Hadn’t OF Been Led By, My Most AWESOME HEAVENLY FATHER!!! You see HE has missions planned out for us, to further His Kingdom, You just have to listen to ‘The Holy Spirit’ to Lead and Guide you!! This IS a Great way To Minister–All You Need is a Pen, Paper, stamp and Most Importantly, Jesus in your Heart and your off To Receive Some Awesome Blessings!!!The Journey is an un-speakable one–bringing one from a pathway of Darkness and Dispair to The Light Of JESUS CHRIST!!!Oh–The Wonderful Joys You Will Receive bringing someone to be a Child of GOD, From Total Dispair, Suicidal, to The Wonderful Arms Of Jesus Christ!!

Prisoners are on their knee’s Praying That God Would Send Them a Christian to Show them the Way—They’ve tried it all and failed Miserably at everything, and JESUS has brought them to Brokeness, where HE finds Us All and a heart was softened, and reached out and touched them/us and Praise God!!!— We Found Our Way To HIM!!!Please Share This, There’s No Secrets Here, I’m Serving My FATHER!!!!Love You My Brothers and Sisters and If You felt Led To Prison Ministry, Please contact us ASAP, For we have hundreds of Prisoners waiting for a Christian Pen Pal to Minister to them—So You See HOW GREAT THE NEED IS!!!!????

In Christ I Proudly Serve!!! Are You Serving Him Today?

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