Testimonials – Jerry Bouey

Set Me Free

The darkness of sin enclosed me fast,
This prison I’m in had my soul downcast.
Who can break through and help me to see,
Shatter the darkness and set me free?

Looking above, I prayed for light,
A Friend to shine through the dark of night,
A Savior to come and rescue me,
Release all my chains and set me free.

I opened the Gospels and began to read;
Asking for wisdom, I had to plead.
I saw there Jesus, who died for me;
He paid sin’s price to set me free.

He had to die on the cross that day,
So His shed blood could wash my sins away.
Suddenly, at last, my eyes could see;
Here was The Truth that could set me free.

Jesus had died, salvation was done;
He rose again, God’s precious Son.
I turned from the sin which imprisoned me,
And as I received Jesus, He set me free.

Now He’s my Savior and my King
He loves me so much, my soul has to sing
In the chains of sin, He showed me the key
I trusted in Jesus, and He set me free.

Now I’ve a mission from God above:
Go to all the world and tell of His love
Tell of the Gospel, help others to see,
Tell of the Savior who can set them free.

By: Jerry (Gerald) Bouey.

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