Testimonials – Ricky

When God Became Real

My name is Ricky and it is the hope of my heart to have a pen pal friend. I have been in prison 10 years, and have been married and divorced. There were many questions asked by me but no answers. I was raised by my mom because we lost my father very early and she did all she could
and then some to provide for her family. But my anger grew because I didn’t know just what to do – how I should be. I patterned myself after many different men, and that’s how flaws in them became flaws in me.

It was just when it seemed to be brighter, everything fell apart! I found myself in jail without help completely alone, and then I asked the Lord to help me. After two months in lock-up they moved me to the main line and there was a chapel that became a place of learning. I had felt all the years up ’till then that the Almighty really didn’t have me much in thought – those that He heard were protected and blessed. That’s the story which leads to the Lord becoming real to me.

The Bible that was given to me was a paper-back King James version. Prison is a very dangerous place, but it is also one of God’s secret places, and that is where I heard His voice calling me to salvation. Having been given a hard sentence and in maximum security settings, my talks in prayer never stop coming out. One day a man challenged me and it was not hard to walk away, nor was it hard to forgive him. Later he told me that he wanted what I seem to have. He too, after learning of God and His forgiveness, accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Our group kept growing until we were sent to other places, but we would see each other in other prisons still standing in faith. Since then we have become more family connected, and the light we let shine is the light of Jesus!
This has been the first letter of this kind for me, and it is a joy to see how far I’ve come in faith, love, and trust. I know my mom was happy and rejoicing knowing my faith was in the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I still have much work left to do – sing praises to the Lord, and speak to all who will at least hear the answers they’ve asked. My mom and baby sister are resting in peace, and even though I was inside here when their last breath was taken, we knew each of us was born again.

Now brother and sister, you have my testimony and words of feelings, and my hope is that it has reached you in spirit too. Thank you both for the chance to tell my story, and to share with you the goodness the Lord has given me! Many blessings to you forever in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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