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Love Makes the Difference

My friends, since you two have come into my life I see the world brand new. Your letters and cards have come to mean a lot to a person like me. I truly appreciate them, they fill my heart and soul at all times. Beth and Jesse, I am going to try to explain what it means for you coming into my life since 1994 until present. You came into my life in a time of need, I was going down hill at that time. I asked
Jesus to come back into my life and change me and put me back on track again.

At that time my first letter arrived from you beautiful people. You two are the first Christians that came into my life in a very long time. You showed me the way now to believe in someone and how to have faith in God. You showed me how to believe in people again regardless of color or background. You shared Scriptures with me and when I read them I became stronger in life. And not only that, you shared your hearts as well as your kindness and prison inmates like myself, we truly need love like yours so we can all be better people for this beautiful world. You two have come a long way in helping me stay focused to be a better man, to love my God and to love my family and to love myself and love my fellow man as well as life itself.

Beth & Jesse, you have really come to mean a lot with my new steps to be a great Christian. I am no longer blind to life and all that’s from your kind words from every letter that I have received as well as the papers with God’s Words on them. I am no longer sad or mad or stressing in my life because my new found family have come to share real peace and love and happiness with Terry Lee Moore. I also hope that this letter will be shared with people so they can see how real friendship and love can come to help inmates like myself, because once again, I say thank you to Jesse and Beth. They’re living proof of this testimony and I’ll love them always.

Terry Lee Moore C-80971


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