Testimonials – Tim

New Life in Christ

This is my testimony that my friend in Christ has asked me to write to let those in prison, or wishing to help those in prison, know that it is more than receiving just another piece of paper; it is life, hope, and love.

I will keep it simple. To say that I survived my childhood is the simplest way to call it. I was the youngest of four boys. I was sexually abused by my mother, her lady friends, and a cop. Everyone else either physically, mentally, or emotionally abused me. I had no
true friends as we moved very often.

Even though I attended many different Christian fellowships, I never really understood God. At fourteen I made a prayer; “God, I don’t like what I see I am becoming but keep me no matter what I become.” I believe that prayer by a young man not understanding the true nature of God saved my life when others were around me were dyeing from the same accidents.

I grew up to be an angry man that was as different as night and day. During the day, a church man; giving freely, helping others, being strong. At night, sneaking around doing many dark things. That is how I ended up in prison where all those I thought were Christians vanished out of my life.

The dark man grew stronger. Yet, somewhere I sent a letter requesting to write to Christian pen pals. I did it to mock God for I knew there were no such people, and for four months that belief held. Then Beth’s letter came. At first it was simple responses, then I put her to the test; pulling out all the plugs, just knowing that once she found out how evil I could be she won’t write any more. I was wrong as she continued writing and giving Scripture that spoke of all God was willing to do.

About that time, another Christian lady began to write, also using Scripture of how Christ forgives us and how His love is great enough to help a person to forgive themselves, heal, and move on in life. I had a prison counselor that worked with my mental problems as well as the emotional. Though he was not a Christian, a lot of what he said when applied to God’s Word began a healing process that takes time.

After leaving prison, I began a slow slide back into my old life style but, unlike most, I kept in touch with support group; Beth and Margaret. Without their continued support and my willingness to finally seek God with my whole heart, trusting to follow where He
leads, I would be back in prison. As it is, I am now happily married, attend a strong Christian fellowship, and learned that life, being full of unexpected surprises, can be a lot of fun.

I hope that with this very short version of my life that both the prisoner and the Christians writing them will see how important it is to have this support and continue to correspond after freedom. It gives a base to always pick yourself up and start over. Also, that it encourage those who have never been in prison to see that their efforts are not in vain.

God bless all those who read this.

Love in Christ,

A dedicated group of people reaching prisoners with the love of Jesus