Youth Alert

    My name is Perry Baker, and I entitled this “Youth Alert” for a reason. That reason is this: I am asking that all Christians throughout the USA and the World to reach out to the youth in your own neighborhoods.

    I notice that we as Christians who are born again and filled with the Spirit of the Living God through Jesus His Son, we are busy with ourselves. What I mean is that, we are concerned about going to a third world country to witness Christ and the Gospel, which is good, but we are forgetting something. We are not witnessing to the people that need it the most right in our own neighborhoods, i.e., the Youth!

    We are afraid cause of the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they look, or by who they hang out with. Why are we afraid? Is it because of all that I just stated? Is it because we might be rejected? Is it because they might call us names or throw rocks at us or that we might even be hurt physically by them?

    These youth are tough, and they show this in their attitudes, why? Cause no one showed them what true love is! None of us are reaching them. Maybe we tried but after a few times of failing, we gave up, why? Did Jesus ever give up on us?

    I am a prisoner within the system, a system that does not work. A system that walls in hatred, and walls out love. You know what I see in here? I see your young sons and daughters coming into this wretched place. Why am I seeing this? Because you are failing to reach them in your own neighborhoods.

    First, it was the early twenty-year-olds, then the eighteen and nineteen year olds, now it is eleven year olds coming down with life sentences or death sentences. Why is this?

    We as Christians have a duty to fulfill in the Word of God. If you’re a Spirit filled person, you should get with others to reach these youth.

Did you know what the young Christians did in Ottawa, Iowa? They leased a vacant store and turned it into a youth store that has a place where young men and women can come off the streets and talk with someone. The store wasn’t anything fancy, just some tables and chairs, some vending machines and most important, where the young Christians were, so they could effectively witness to them or just be there when someone needed to talk.

I wonder how many of us adult Christians would even think of doing something like this?

    Prison life is NOT for ANYONE! The programs do not work, yet they want you to change. At the same time their guards and staff hate you cause either you’re a criminal or because you broke the law. They oppress you, a lot of hatred is really in here.

    We are surrounded by guards, guns, dogs, razor wire, cameras, they are always watching, listening, and waiting. They even spread lies to the general population, to those they know will tell others till their gossip is spread like fire on the yard.

    I say to the Lord, “Lord, where are my brothers and sisters? Why do they not come to witness to us in here?” The reply is simple, “fear” or it is not my duty, they have programs to do that.

    I had a chance to witness and to share with the youth on the outside through a group with their parents. Their children were caught up in New Age Spiritualism.

    Do you know what happened, a family member did not want a prisoner to share with them or other members in the group about Jesus and the Word of God, they were upset. I did not want their young sons and daughters to live the life that I have and to come to a place like this in order to receive Christ. They did not want me in the youth group anymore. They felt that it was their sons and daughters right to believe in the New Age, and to practice certain things to enlighten themselves. They slipped tight through my hand and I could do nothing but pray for them.

    One of the youth, a young lady in her teens, died of a crack overdose because we were hindered in reaching her.

    I am begging my brothers and sisters who read this. We need to put down our differences and come together, unionize and boycott hell!

    Jesus bound the strong man! We who are born again in Christ are lights in a dark world. We have the Gospel, the Holy Spirit sealed within us. We have the armor of God, and the weapons of God, which is His Word. We have both offensive and defensive weapons in the Word of God.

If you knowing this, then we need TO CROSS THE JORDAN, AND PLUNDER THE STRONG MAN’S HOUSE FOR HE HAS BEEN BOUND BY THE LORD! We need to get those that are sitting in the darkness and in bondage and bring them into the light! That is our duty as Christians.

I shall let you go at this, and look for my next article on the Mark of the Beast, you’ll be shocked at what I say and show you through the Word of God. Write me if you need to be encouraged or prayed for. Let’s all grab hands together and reach out to the youth that need us badly!

by Perry Baker #805748

A dedicated group of people reaching prisoners with the love of Jesus